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RBDC internships will help you…

Meet academic credit requirements -

Depending on your Major, Basic and Advanced Projects could count towards academic credit, and internship credit.

Improve your resume -

An RBDC internship offers real-world experience that will be an important addition to your resume.

Establish valuable connections -

The connections you make with clients, mentors, and faculty could lead to valuable networking opportunities, and potentially open doors to future careers.

Gain practical business experience -

The RBDC does the legwork for you! Just apply for the program and we find the clients. Accepted students are assigned to projects based on a project interest survey.

Receive valuable training -

The RBDC will train you before you begin work with your client and throughout your internship.

Make steps towards graduate school -

The real-world experience you gain at the RBDC can propel you forward toward a better graduate school experience.

What types of projects are there?

Business Plan

Feasibility Study

Expansion Study

Competitive Analysis

Market Research

Marketing Plan

Marketing Campaign

Social Media Campaign

Website Content

Training Materials

Best Practices and Industry Stardards Research

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Frequently Asked

Do I get paid?

For a basic internship, no.  The ALPS | Basic program is educational training provided through an academic course at BYU-Idaho and as an internship at Ensign College. However, participation provides several advantages including credit towards graduation, professional experience, an improved resume, networking, and advancement opportunities.

What kind of skills are needed?

The specific skills needed and contributions you will make to the project will depend on your client’s needs. You will be presented with a brief description of the projects available and from your top three selections; the RBDC will assign you to a team.

Some types of projects include feasibility study, market or industry analysis, competitive or consumer analysis, marketing, survey work, and more.

Does this fulfill internship requirements for my major?

It depends! For BYU-Idaho students, ALPS | Basic is offered as IDS 297R which is elective credit. For Ensign College students, you must be enrolled in CAR 299 or an equivalent program specific internship course. In both situations, it is best to work with the internship coordinator of your department to ensure that this course can count for your major’s internship requirement. We have had many students successfully receive internship credit for ALPS | Basic at both BYU-Idaho and Ensign College. This class provides 105+ hours of work experience that is directly supervised by an external client who is in industry. The best way to do this is to talk to your department’s internship coordinator first.

For Business Majors at BYU-Idaho
The Deparment of Management has determined that IDS 297R is an equivalency to BUS 298R. When you add IDS 297R and complete the course, grad plan will automatically recognize it as an equal substitution to B298R. Do not sign up for the BUS 298R internship course using I-Plan. The Department of Marketing and the Department of Finance have other requirements. Please check with your department’s internship coordinator.

When are internships offered?

The RBDC offers ALPS | Basic along with the same trimester schedule as BYU-Idaho and Ensign College. That means projects are offered in the Fall (September- December), Winter (January-April, and Spring (April-July). ALPS | Basic is not offered over the 7-week break. ALPS | Basic projects typically end one week before the semester ends.

Do I need experience before registering for the ALPS Basic internship?

No previous experience is necessary.

Do I need experience before applying for the ALPS Advanced internship?

No experience necessary. 


What Interns Say

This internship really helped me learn, from a business stand point, how to work together with people, even if it’s hard at first.  I definitely learned the most from those parts of the project where they just did not go as planned at all.  

Miranda N.

International Studies (BA), Economics


During my time at the RBDC I was able to see how to put principles into practice. I learned valuable skills not just from the tasks I was asked to complete, but especially from my amazing team and team leads.  I wish that I had known about the RBDC sooner so that I could have worked there for multiple semesters!

Michelle Karlinsey

Applied Business Management (AAS)