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Become a Mentor

Each semester we recruit industry professionals and alumni to mentor our current advanced projects.  

Share with your Network

The more businesses that know the RBDC message, the wider variety of internships we can provide to BYU-Idaho students.

Become a Client

Do you have a business now that could benefit from the work of a team of BYU-Idaho students?  


Make a Donation

Your donations will help BYU-Idaho students gain real life experience, and help under-served businesses progress.

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Become a Mentor

I became a mentor because I wanted to give back and share some of the knowledge I have gained through being in the industry.  I have definitely learned a lot in the past few years [and] I would have loved hearing some of the advice I [now] have, as a younger student.

Elena Juarez

Graduated in Data Science (BA) from BYU-Idaho in 2020

Connect with BYU-Idaho Students -

The RBDC serves BYU-Idaho students by providing meaningful work experience.  We recruit mentors to foster more meaningful connections and would love to connect BYU-Idaho alumni with current students.

Mentors are expected to meet once a week with the team for about an hour to guide the students.

Experience from All Industries -

Our projects come from all industries; therefore, we need mentors from all industries.

Rebranding | Agriculture | Magazine Publishing | Housing  Mining | Financial Analysis | General Business | Marketing


Share with your Network

Increase Awareness -

Sharing the RBDC message introduces our cause to a broader audience, raising awareness about our organization’s mission, goals, and initiatives.

Amplify Reach -

Your network likely includes diverse individuals, expanding the reach of the RBDC’s  message to people who might not have encountered it otherwise.  We can then provide better and more diverse experiences for current BYU-Idaho students.

Sponsor More Projects -

Business professionals in your network can sponsor a project by becoming a client.  This benefits BYU-Idaho students by providing them experiential learning from many different industries.  The more projects we have available, the more students we can serve.


Become a Client

Working with the RBDC has been a huge benefit to our business. In an effort to make our services more inclusive, we teamed up with a group of native Spanish speaking interns to assist in the translation of our courses. We feel proud to now be able to offer our content to a wider range of people. Thanks, RBDC!

Justin Bertelsen

Graduated with International/Global Studies (BA) from BYU-Idaho in 2019

Currently the CEO at Bertelsen Education

Choose a Project -

With a wide range of possibilities, your scope of work sets the parameters for the project.  You can choose from the RBDC’s list of projects, or develop your own depending on your business needs.  

Work with BYU-Idaho Students -

Your selected project is staffed with students from BYU-Idaho.  They will work on your projects from campus, or remotely from across the globe. This gives you the opportunity to meet potential hirees.

Clients are expected to meet once every 1-2 week(s) with the team and provide regualr feedback on the project.

Enjoy Lost Costs -

Projects come at a reasonable price based on the level of service you choose.  The RBDC offers four levels of projects:

      1. 5-Week Products
      2. 10-Week Products
      3. Basic Plus Projects
      4. Advanced Projects

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Make a Donation

Your donation will directly help BYU-Idaho students by providing experiential learning while supporting underserved businesses. 

How Have Past Donations Helped?

        • Scholarships for BYU-Idaho students
        • Agricultural Students
        • Engineering Students
        • Underserved Businesses
        • Women in Business

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