Data Science

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  • Helping clients through value-added research
  • Use data and data analytics projects to provide insights through off-site consulting, on-site internships, and employment pipelines
  • 13-week projects done on a tri-annaul basis: starting January, April, and September
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With a wide range of possibilities, your scope of work sets the parameters for the project.

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Work with Students

Students from BYU-Idaho work on your projects from class on campus.

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Enjoy Low Costs

Get work done at a reasonable price based on the level of service you choose.


RBDC projects will help you…

Save time -

By selecting a RBDC product that meets your needs, our project team will deliver results without a large investment of your time.

Focus on the outcome -

Each product type has been selected and developed to fit within the 13-week timeframe and to facilitate consistent and valuable outcomes.

Make a difference, locally and around the globe -

Regardless of location, you will be helping students get meaningful work experience.

Boost productivity -

Our guided student teams will work on carefully outlined projects, allowing you to stay focused on your primary responsibilities.

Expand potential hiring pool -

Find possible candidates for internships and full-time positions from talented Brigham Young University–Idaho and Ensign College students.


Project Options


Data Science Services:

Data Analysis


Machine Learning

Predictive Modeling

Spatial Data Analysis

Web Scraping

Natural Language Processing

Report Automation

Building R Packages

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Frequently Asked

What if I don't know what type of project I need?

Give us a call anyways!  We’d be happy to learn about your business and what your needs are.

How do you manage our data?

Our teams sign non-disclosure agreements to protect your confidential information. Your data is stored securely and is only accessible to members of our team who require access to perform their duties. We prioritize privacy and security and will work with you to ensure that you feel comfortable with how your data is being managed. We offer the option of using a dedicated SFTP server for transferring confidential data between RBDC and our clients. SFTP ensures encrypted transmission of files, protecting data during transit. We have also established procedures for encrypting data and storing it on the cloud, rather than locally.

Who gets paid in the team?

We hire a technical project manager who has experience in the area and leads the team. The project manager reports to us and to the client on a weekly basis. The students on the team volunteer their time and do not receive payment.

What is the skill level of the students in the consulting teams?

Students in the consulting teams are upperclassmen with extensive training in data science and statistics.

What does my participation in the project look like?

As a client, you will have 3+ meetings with your student team starting the first or second week of the semester.  A midpoint and final meeting will be scheduled.  You’ll direct your team on what needs to be accomplished and respond with feedback.

How involved do I need to be?

You can be as involved as you want, but we recommend meeting with the team at least 3 times during the semester. Weekly or bi-weekly meetings may also be helpful depending on your availability, but are not a requirement.

What programs/software do you use?

Our students are trained in Python, R, Power BI, Tableau, and SQL but we are not limited to these programs. Depending on the needs of your company, we are open to use other programming languages and software to ensure the most effective solution for your project.

How much are faculty involved in doing work?

Exploratory projects do not have faculty support. In specialized projects, faculty members meet with the team every two weeks. In advanced projects, faculty members are more involved and provide weekly support.

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